Monday, December 03, 2007

Congratulations Mr Rudd

Not meaning to offend any liberal party leaning readers but hooray for Kevin. Yippeeeee and thank god I never have to hear another word from that morally bankrupt ex prime minister... what was his name again? Emma and Erin joined us for what was one of the more rowdier 4 people gatherings with hannah on the line from Germany enjoying every minute. A better nights entertainment watching the telly I havent had in years. In other news as can be seen friom the photo below I'm living with 2 peas in a pod. Ivy is eating solids which also means she's pooing solids, which means my job as doting dad has just got a whole lot harder. Every morning I'm aiming mashed up carrot into a small swivelling giggling hole and then cleaning up the smelly mess a few hours later.
and that's it I'm afraid what with facebook, baby, blog, work, life, Xmas parties and scientology inductions, life's just sooooo busy

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