Sunday, August 23, 2009

Island time

We just got back from 10 nights in Vanuatu, a parents wet dream of a holiday. 3 hour flight, only one hour time difference and two whole rooms which meant both Ivy and her parents could sleep in peace
also starring the most incredible starfish Ivy has ever seen" schhsssttaarrr feeessshhh"
Geography enthusiasts would have noticed the starfish aligned in the shape of the Vanuatu island archipelago
oops, left off pentecost island, thanks Ivy for fixing that up for me
One island to get yourself excited about is hideaway island below, famous for being hidden away and impossible to find

Our first night at the hotel a melbourne couple decided to get married in our honour
which is quite lucky as Vanuatu is famous for its cannibals, the last recorded case being in 1985
mmm and that's the last recorded case
aren't Ivy's cheeks yummy, throw in some celeriac puree, black truffles and goats cheese mash voila... Vatu's your uncle
speaking of food... it really made us appreciate what we have here
but I never said that to the guy in the above picture
the groom surprised his wife to be with the wedding two days prior to the big day. being Italian, his mum will never be able to forgive him

Ivy before we put her in the great big pot

Ivy teaching the kids about schhtaarrrfeeesh
and some breaking news from the pacific rim

Saturday, August 08, 2009

my daddy and me

 A selection  of photos from daddy day outs from the last couple of months