Thursday, May 31, 2007

Waiting for baby Browne

The mobile is fully charged, the route to the hospital is fully researched and the KateBrowne is fully termed. We're at 39 weeks, the missile is engaged and we're awaiting the arrival of a little girl. For the betting people out there... the smart money is on B day being June the 5th, the name being Ivy May, although Sylvie May, Myrtle May, Lola May, Apple May, Antarctica May and Kevin Rudd May are also getting a little late mail.

Aside from effecting the share value of qantas( strange but true) , Kate has also been overachieving during her pregnancy by 1) getting her driving licence 2) starring in the current clubs NSW Tv ad campaign and 3) just completing the sydney to melbourne triathlon
there's no stopping this girl... but back to that gut
As you can see in the above picture kate has transformed herself into a giant boob with some kind of weird man eating foreskin on the end

it's not that funny sweetie
but whoever said pregnancy couldn't be fun? as you can see it really does effect the mind and and yes the simpleton above has no idea what she's laughing at.

So for those birth spotters out there.... we will be at RPA (that's not an invitation) and hopefully using as many drugs as possible. For potentially outraged busybodies, the baby will be getting Kate's last name fair enough as she has to put up with all the pain, if we do have a number 2 then it will take my name... just to mix it up and keep those school bullies confused.

In other news Kate's only put on 10 kilos, is only just out of her nomal jeans and the baby has taken on the appearance of a very taut water balloon. She also can't stop looking at her belly.
We've both also become pram spotters and experts on all things baby. Basically anyone who has a bugaboo is a tosser and Mountain buggies rock

So that's it bloggers.... stay tuned for some exciting news.... imagine if it turns out to be a boy

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The good life according to Chloe

It's a blog readers worst nightmare. Somebody putting indulgent pictures of their cat hoping that other people share the same interest as they do in their furry friend. But we're different because we live with Chloe and she's the most special cat in the world.
She likes to warm up our plates
read the occassional classic
Iron our underwear and put on our favourite DVD's

and after a hard days work, it's time to chill out in the hammock

so whoever said cats are lazy must be crazy

Friday, May 18, 2007

In the Dinozzo

It's been almost 3 months in the new job at channel Ten and finally I believe I am getting my head around this whole American crime drama initial thing. NYPD, CSI, NCIS, SVU, CI, NFI ...
I mean am I the only person out there who thinks this is ridiculous and that these show are all well what can I say...crap? Crazy isnt it that I have to convince the punters out there to watch them all. Last week I was fortunate enough to meet Michael weatherly (Tony Dinozzo above) current darling of Australian TV because he bothered to come out here and host the Logie awards. At least he didnt take himself too seriously unlike the rest of us media clowns who followed him from dawn til dusk, recording his every move, philosophy and nuance on camera, tape, flilm, audio tape, hard disk recorder and mobile phone computer GPS.
In fact he seemed to be the only one with any sort of clarity. He realises that NCIS (naval criminal investigative Service) is the kind of show that hasnt just jumped the shark, it never actually made it to the shark in the first place. The average american wouldn't blink if he walked past on the street but here he is out here a mega god. Why do we love him and his crap show? Why do we keep voting for John Howard? These are the questions. Maybe the answers are... it's the episode you can't miss, a must see bonanza of unmissable tv that will change your life, your childrens life and save the economy... 8.30 tonight on Ten... Seriously