Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Lion Thing

"Head over to the enclosure at the northern end of the park and the keeper will feed you to the lions"remarked the witty zoo warden. So off we went to what I thought would be a lame "lion encounter" and 50 bucks down the drain but I was quite pleasently surprised. Well maybe not pleasently surprised, perhaps, scarily surprised. We were at Western Palins zoo in Dubbo . It was Kates idea, that of feeding some raw meat to the king of the jungle. Sure there was a 4 metre high fence in between us, but let me tell you... that's about as close as you want to come to a lion. One look into those eyes is enough to wake you from any hangover. Our lioness was roaaaaaaaaaring, snaaaaaaaarling and climbing the walls to get at the measly bits of dead cow we were handing over with barbecue forks in her general direction.
But captive cats can't be be choosers and she should thank her lucky stars she got anything, let alone a a couple of my digits. All in all a great weekend ... as long as you don't add the actual town of Dubbo to the list of highlights