Sunday, April 25, 2010

Camping with the chicks

My good friend Richard and I found ourselves on a hot date with two young girls at the basin in Pittwater. Ivy and Ella were really impressed with all our outdoor skills, they laughed at all our jokes but most of all they thought our hats were really cool
In fact our date could not have gone better. The torrential rain forced us inside the tent by 7pm where we sang songs and snuggled up and the girls declared their undying love for us
they proved excellent campers helping out whenever they could
what more could you want from a 21st century girl?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ivy May quotes of the month

"Ivy, stop being so fussy!.... I'm not fussy, I mermaid"

"Ivy put your leglings (leggings) on!" "I not wear leglings ...I just wear legs"
" Daddy, my undies have gone silly" (upon feeling her undies disappear up her bum)
"You're doing a poo daddy! you make Ivy May so proud!"
"I want my daddy...The rotor steal my daddy... you give me my daddy back naughty rotor"