Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Handsome Sandwiches set to take over the world

Some of you may remember my blog of January 2006 concerning the rise and rise of one of the great fast food franchises the world has seen. One year on and we can report that the handsome sandwich empire is going great guns. In fact the buisiness now not only makes the finest sandwiches this side of the pacific, but has branched out into a laundry empire and gasoline franchise. In another great marketing campaign, customers can now get their shirts washed leaving them "clean and good smell for ten years" The Handsome gasoline product line even makes your bike run fast. Needless to say the tshirts, sandwiches, boat trips and gasoline are all going out the door quciker than you can say, double cheeseburger extra bacon. Jan and myself were so impressed by recent events we both bought our second T shirts... Hooray for Handsome

Give me ten, Seriously

John Howard, our beloved, hopefully soon to be ex prime minister, descibed it as the technological and innovative centre of Australia. He was of course talking about North Ryde. To foregners, think of the Sydney Opera House and head away from all the tourist sites, bars, restaurants towards the new age christian districts in the outer suburbs and you'll find Foxtel the current place of my work. It's a place of space age light fittings... except those aint lights and serve no purpose except to pretend to staff that you arent in the middle of the suburbs surrounded by expressways and the closest restaurant a 10 minute drive. Blended in amongst the walls are little inspirational lines such "never say never", "achieve your best" "act decisively without reserve".
The latter line I have indeed taken notice of. Because the big news is i have been offered a job at Channel ten, in the city, a short bike road from home, groovy building opposite the fish market. It will be my third time at ten.... First in 1989, then 1995-1996 and now 2007. In fact my third decade. now thats something to take seriously

To be honest I will miss the people out here, but will not miss the politics, the drive, and the heavy depressing feeling about being in an industrial park in the middle of nowhere. Give me ten anyday.

The lucky buddha visits Thailand

Now for those of you unaware of Chinese astrology, this year is not just the year of the pig, but the year of Golden pig. It's all terribly auspicious what with Kate herself being a pig, and the baby to be born a pig it all seemed so impossibly lucky. That was what we were thinking on arrival in Bangkok airport until the customs officer singled us out ala shapelle corby style. But just as I was about to abandon Kate and deny all knowledge of this criminal, the customs man gave me the thumbs up. The sort of right on look a bloke gives another bloke after he's come back from a successful first date. And from that moment on the lucky buddha and her escort were greeted as Thai royals everywhere we went. The Thais love kids and pregnant women and they love it even more when westerners bring their kids along.

Our last ditch life before screaming child comes along holiday was mainly spent at Thong Nai Pan Noi Beach in Koh Phan Gan and is the best little slice of paradise I've ever come across. We were joined for our little adventure by Jan the swedish hitman who travelled all the way from Scandanavia to worship at the altar of the Lucky buddha. I'd love to tell you about all the wonderful daytrips, adventures, dives, fishing trips and kayaking that we did but no all we did was good old fashioned nothing which was just what the doctor ordered. So if you're looking for the best place in the world to do absolutely nothing... here it is.... as for me... I feel like I've been away for 6 months. If I remember correctly the word hammock pretty much sums it all up