Sunday, December 23, 2007

Australia's next top extra

Renowned international director Bill the queen Mcqueen, had just flown into sydney via Hong kong, Mumbai and Bangkok to film the latest installment of his eagerly awaited Nokia get lost campaign with local identity extra Kate Browne, when Sydney decided to remind Bill of the complexities of filming outside during storm season. But Bill fresh from filming during a snow storm in Northern India proved unflappable delivering a 45 second commercial under budget and shot within 2 days on a shoestring budget. His big find was Kate I'm such a good extra Browne who despite being a novice driver, was still able to drive a saab convertible mulitple times over the Sydney harbour bridge, whilst two nice young gents shouted at her to smile. Untethered surfboard in the back , it should have been a car ad, not a phone ad. But all this was no problem for the true professional Browne who despite it her first time driving over the bridge, still pulled it off with that trademark smiling head turn of hers.
The shoot finishishing seconds before storms settled in for three weeks was also notable for the inclusion of newcomers Ed I'm quite handsome Holmes and his daughter appearing in her inaugural television debut Ivy may the bird Browne. Quite a family affair, the whole thing reeked of nepotism and can be seen coming to a National Geographic Channel near you.

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