Friday, January 06, 2012

Ivy working out the world

Ivy looking at sea shells at the beach "Daddy.... the mermaids have lost a lot of jewellery"
                                             Poppy looking at the umbrella "Mummy"
                                        Daddy "Ivy why do you always want to watch TV?" 
                                       Ivy " I don't know... I guess I was just born that way"
                                      Poppy after finishing her major work "Mummy"

     Ivy after dribbling into her dinner "Daddy is that amazing?...Daddy "No it's disgusting"

                                      "Daddy you be the monster and I'll be the princess"

                                Poppy after demolishing half a black forest cake " More"

                                      Daddy "Ivy why do you always want to sleep with us?
                                       Ivy " Because there's a gnome at the end of my bed"

         Ivy after coughing "Daddy I'm coughing and it's making the bad dreams go away"