Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Around the world in 365 days ...and 98 bus trips

After 361 hours aboard quite bumpy buses, 36 luxurious hours aboard trains, 43 hours on rather overcrowded ferries, about 135 hours in cars, 69 hours on planes, some of them the dodgy propellor type, 22 hours on horses, 4 hours on camels, 21 hours on mopeds ( a few of them rather precarious) one hour on an elephant, 6 days aboard a 19th century buccaneer vessel 10 hours aboard motorized canoe 16 hours on the back of a bumpy pickup and about 15 hours on a mountain bike WE HAVE ARRIVED HOME
we have raced around the world and discovered that a) there is a very big world out there b) it's quite interesting c) Australia is a very nice place to live as long as you don't mind sticking your head in the sand so here you go.... a best of collection of the photos and stay tuned for really interesting anecdotes about North Ryde .....
Leoncio the puma, still sends shivers down my spine

Hans the monkey man

Martin the incredible fanta drinking monkey
Cult of the Birdman Easter Island... to join, jump off cliff and first one to round the pointy Island and return alive wins

Where trains go to die, Bolivia

Picnic in the Salar Bolivia

Bridge cycling the latest Burmese adventure sport

Llamas in Southern Bolivia

There's just way too much sitting around in Bolivia

The Bolivian Salar

We're on a road to nowhere

mmm eating.... cant talk hungary

I said only one bucket of cucumbers

Hooray for Elephants

You aint going nowhere french man

Excuse me, is this bus air conditioned?

Early morning in Bagan, Burma

Schwedagon Pagoda, Yangon, Burma

Warning... smoking can seriously improve your ability to be photogenic

Fascinating those rocks isnt it

Burmese days with the Browne

Sorry Marco you're dropping out

hats are definitely IN in Huaraz Peru

Sacred Valley Peru

water's awful salty said the thirsty horse to the parched llama

So you hear Jose has a new job herding llamas

Pass the salt please
Burmese Unbrella convention

The only way to travel Burma

Life at 4000 metres, Santa Cruz trek, Huaraz Peru

World's windiest valley Santa Cruz Trek Peru

Beware of men in tight green shirts and donkeys near the edge of cliffs

Living on a floating island aint what it's wobbled up to be

somebody give that boy a haircut

Machu pichu- Soon to be seen on a christian calender near you

Gotta love that Inca stonework

Is that 50 chickens on your bicycle or are you just glad to see me

You can never wear too much sunscreen in Burma

Ladies and gentleman the lovely Kate Browne

Ed versus the Baby Elephant

Indiana ed and the Temple of Browne

Oy... stop trying to look up my girlfriends dress

Applying sunscreen elephant style

Does my bum look big in front of this elephant?

So how clean do we have to get this guy?

Elephant mahout Thailand

Temples of Bagan ( Burma)

Temples of Bagan ( Burma)... with model

Who took all the trees?

Somebody offer the man a job at National Geographic

Lake Titicaca Peru and the colour blue

Dinosaur tracks in the wall, Sucre, Bolivia

So you're telling me the Spanish arrived here 400 years ago and you're still wearing the same hats?

Whats with the stoney face dude?

And the winner of the world's biggest head 2005 goes too....

Quiet Please...Adventurer in action

Who ate all the Bolivian pies?

Now that's what I call a bad hair day

Angkhor Wat, Cambodia