Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Birds Christmas message

After entering this world on the auspicious date of 05/06/07, I have seen many things. I have sat and observed, taken things in and pushed things out the other end.
I have seen a kind world.
A world where strangers greet me with a smile. Where people just want to touch me, give me gifts and sing stupid songs to me. A place where people want to rock me, show me off and present me with gifts. They will feed me, clothe me and entertain me and all they want in return is a smile. This truly is a great world.
But sadly this world is not going to last.

Every day it changes.

Every day people become less interested in this world, no longer giving me the same attention as before. As I get older, people don't seem as interested any more. The world is changing. This is why I urge all of you to conserve this world. Do what you can to keep it the same because I love being carried around, I love being fed, sung to and smiled at. People everyhere I go are kind and ask all sorts of interested questions about me. It truly is a wonderful world... let's keep it that way

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