Sunday, November 11, 2007

Byron Bay , raining one day, raining the next

It was to be 10 days of tropical sunshine in Australia's coolest and most relaxing beachside mecca. The boardies were packed, as was the sunscreen, the hammock, and the attitude to take it easy with the beautiful people (my common law wife kate, baby daughter Ivy, with honourable mentions to my sister Meredith and brother in law Colin plus nephews James and David).
But alas the gods were offended. Our roadtrip started perfectly if you don't take into account the weather as we drove up to Bellingen, a 6 hour drive of which we were quite fearful,having the 5 month old baby Ivy May Bird in the back seat. But like her parents she proved to a great traveller snoring her way up the pacific highway to beautiful Bellingen. In fact she enjoyed the travelling so much she decided to sing at the top of her voice all night long for the next 2 nights but that's another story.

Bellingen is where Eucalyptus was never filmed, where David Helfcott likes to play Rachmanivov, where George Negus used to live and where the most recent Aussie digger killed in Afghanistan hailed from. It's also gateway to the Dorrigo national park where adventurous parent types can stroll with strollers through leach infested rainforest swamps, thank god for the fuel injected mountain buggy.
It was here that Kate, afraid of no creepy crawly Browne, revealed her phobia of leaches. You've never seen such a sight as a grown woman hopping about begging me to get rid of that cute little leach. My lovely little vegetarian was yelling blue murder.
After Bellingen we headed off to Byron where we caught up with my relo's and where the rain continued. Lots of nice eating, walking in the rain, massages and walks. We then relocated to the foothills near bangalow and stayed in a beautiful farm where we got to pat goats and stare at cows. We even managed a roadtrip to Brisbane to visit Pete the tallest man in Africa trout and his new wife Natasha in their gorgeous house in Brisvegas. Pete who is really keen to have kids was a natural with Ivy May (if you don't count crying).
Then we headed back down to Bellingen again for some more rain and general chilling out. The highlight of the trip had to be Ivy may and her learning to roll over. It was just a joy to watch and to spend time hanging out with my daughter. It makes you realise how much Dad's miss.

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