Sunday, December 16, 2007

"Paul Stanley... You ride for free son"

Those were the infamous words muttered to me by the light rail ticket collector as the clock struck midnight and the make up was running down my face in the packed compartment coming home from The Channel Ten Xmas party. For those of you not yet born in the eighties Paul Stanley was one of the members of Kiss who looked a lot like the handsome devil in the picture above. (one on the right you fools). The theme was eighties and there and there was no holding back. In fact I was rtather under dressed for the night. My highlight was the walk to the party thru Darling harbour and getting my picture taken by about 10 Japanese schoolgirls.
Hooray for daggy Xmas parties


Tiff said...

Sorry to be a bigger 80's dag, but I must correct you young is Paul Stanley

Overland eddy said...

well done smarty pants. You do realise it was a way of screening the real Kiss fans out there and i'm pleased to say you passed the test