Thursday, March 23, 2006

Where angels spread their wings

Not content with a week in paradise picking mangoes off trees and sampling the fruits of the oceans we have crossed Thailand (literally... only took 4 hours at it's thinnest stretch) and are now in the Gulf of Thailand on the island of Koh Pang Gan at the Sanctuary resort and spa ( recommended by my good friend Bill Mcqueen). Yep it's one of those places where firesticks, juggling balls, yoga classes, rebirthing, ayurvedic massage and colonic irrigation are not dirty words. In fact it's a place where howling at the moon is a perfectly worthwhile way to spend the beter half of your evening.
Now as Kate and I know, it's all about energies and what we've discovered is that our chakras have been neglected and we're now correcting the flow of energy thru intensive tantric meditation. In fact we're actually undercover taking notes on the dangers of too much yoga when combined with vegetarian food and rainbow coloured sarongs. The research I can say is going very well. Part of our project is the 7 day colonic irrigation fast which in laymans terms means shoving a hose up your bum twice a day to see what strange things you may have swallowed when you were a toddler. Yes it's all very interesting especially dinnertime conversations when we compare and contrast.You should note that dinner time conversations do not actually include dinner unless of course you call a jar of watery clay food. Today is our first day and aside from clay we have had a few brown tablets that are said to contain herbs. I'm looking forward to tonights watery vegetable broth which of course has no vegetables. We get all sorts of interesting people to talk to ( thrown in at no extra cost) but by far the most fascinating thing of all is the toilets which are a cross between an igloo, something for disabled people and a large car park. Stay tuned for reports on how the thing is actually used. Our first irrigation is this afternoon.... yippeee

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