Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Return of the 96 pound weakling

Forget the Atkins diet, throw your low carb books in the bin and join guru ed in his new revolutionary weight loss regime. IT WORKS. Read the following.

I was an overweight stressed out TV producer until I met Ed and discovered the Ed poo a lot diet. It is amazing. I lost 4 kilos without getting off the hammock, (except to shove a long hose up my bum) and feel great. I've also discovered God, buddha and how chakras can loosen up energy fields to allow your body to return to the rhythms of chi. Ed Holmes Sydney

Yes I have become a smug sanctimonious spiritualist and I want to share my smugness with all of you out there. Upon return to Sydney in 8 days I look forward to sharing my centuries old wisdom as we sip wheatgrass spirulina celery shakes on our yoga mats. Because I feel great...and hopefully the rat race has got to all of you blog readers out there so I can continue in my smugness. Gotta make the most of it I'm sure I'll be off to Macas the moment I land on the tarmac in Sydney... but for now I am a true believer.

Colonics and carrot juice rocks!

I've also overcome my fear of spiders. Next stop Sydney

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