Thursday, March 23, 2006

The beach

After meeting a dodgy backpacker in Bangkok who gave us a secret map we made our way down to the phi phi Islands where we discovered the most amazing deserted beach(If you forget the hordes of koreans, chinese and Swedes of course). Yes it was pure unadulterated paradise ( If you're not averse to crystal clear tranquil waters with brightly coloured fish that is). We spent our days hunting, playing didgeridoos and forming a small cult to deal with the forthcoming end of the world but then we got into a fight with Tilda Swinton and were raided by Thai drug warlords. It was all terribly exciting but in the end we discovered that paradise just isn't worth it and have decided to return to Suburban Sydney and live a life in the hill districts where the real action is. That's what Thailand will do to you.
oh yeah, I forgot to mention we also laid in hammocks and read books.

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