Monday, March 13, 2006

Moustache Brothers are under surveillance

When everyone else in Burma is wondering who is listening in on their tea shop conversations, the mostache brothers of mandalay are throwing caution to their wind. In fact they are openly mocking the Burmese Government. Bully for the Moustache Brothers I say.
Yes it all began in 1996 when Par par lay and his merry band of moustache buffoons took one joke too far and ended up in the clink. (Which really isn't a place you want to be over here) After much road building and stone breaking ,5 years in fact , Par Par Lay who had now achieved international fame, was let free under the proviso they made no more jokes in public about the Government. But you can't keep a good buffoon down and the jokes have just kept coming and The Moustche Brothers Troupe are busy entertaining the 10 to 12 tourists who swing by their home each night. One thing to mention you're not coming here for the jokes, which are of the dad variety. It's the blatant crazy bravado, big smiles and wonderful hospitality. The more tourists that come the less easy it becomes for the Government to lock them up again. Hooray for the jolly troupe of moustache men from Mandalay.

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