Saturday, September 10, 2005

Just a walking the Puma

¨We need a male volunteer for the Puma called Roy. He´s very strong, aggressive and difficult and you have to be very strong and fit to look after him¨ . Remarked the fairly eccentric French lady to me and 2 guys next to me.
So far it was a choice between the psychological ward for monkeys, where there is a wanking monkey and the only guy I met who worked there had half his ear bitten off. So as the lesser of what seems to be two evils I put up my hand up and am now the proud walker of a Puma called Roy. First day tomorrow and must admit I am very apprehensive. 1) the trails are thru the jungle and extremely arduous 2) Apparently Roy has a habit of attacking his new minders, there is footage of him stalking and lunging at the last guy silly enough to look after him. I have been assured he does this without his claws out 3) I`ve always been a pussycat with the household kitten, so a fully grown male puma will be interesting 4) what kind of a country allows you near wild animals with no training anyway....
The answer is Bolivia and we´re at Inti Wara Yassi where we are volunteering to help rehabilitate animals. They are all ex pets, circus animals, roadkills etc and need help adjusting back to life in the jungle which is where eddy and kate come along. Speaking of Kate, she has her very own ocelot to look after. Just her, the ocelot, the jungle and a walky talky in case anything happens.... At least with my puma there is three of us looking after him.... aparently he needs three people as he´s such a handful. So it´s early to bed tonight as I will be running a mile thru the jungle with a wild animal on a leash.... God I love Bolivia

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