Friday, September 30, 2005

Attack eyes

When you´re doing your little thing on the catwalk, especially the puma walk, one of the most unboring things to happen is the famous attack eyes. There you are walking along thinking you´re way too sexy for your cat when suddenly he stops and looks at you. It´s enough to send shivers down your spine.... Most of the time he hardly seems to notice you, he looks at sounds in the jungle, he looks at trees to climb but he never looks you in the eyes.... It´s almost as though he turns into Mr Hyde. You are no longer the guy walking him.... you are a big tasty piece of chicken and he is a puma possesed. His eyes turn a deep shade of pale green, he stoops lower and bang. He jumps up on you to try and get hold on your stomach with his teeth. Then 2 seconds later it´s over and maybe a small singing bird has caught his attention and he´s back to Dr Jeckyll...and he´ll be rubbing up against you in no time..... cats are evil creatures

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