Friday, September 02, 2005

Getting high in Bolivia

We´re at the copa, copacabana..... and we´re extremely high.... chewing coca every day. Well one has too when you´re at 4000 metres above the sea. Yep it´s the world´s highest beach resort, and that in itself is enough to send you running for the beanie and extra jumper. The nose is bleeding, we´re completely breathless and snuggled up in 3 layers, but they still have the tacky paddleboats ready for us.... Welcome to Bolivia. Copacabana was actually the inspiration for the name of it´s more famous cousin in Rio. Apparently there was some miracle sighting of a virgin here, and with all the hippies hanging about I don´t believe thats going to happen again for a while. The scenery is quite spectacular.... the lake a deep eerie blue, surrounded by the beloved south American desert we have come to love so much. If only Barry Mannilow had done a pan fluted version about this place. It was also a place for ritual it´s the gringos who do the bloodletting, think I paid twice as much for the tour as everyone else

Before crossing the border we spent a morning at the famous floating Islands on the Peruvian side of the lake. Although quite touristy it was quite remarkable. The Islands are built on these tortura reeds( which are actually very tasty) and about 2000 people float their lives away here with visits from hundreds of tourists every day. The original idea was to escape from those damn imperialistic Incas and the Islanders have been living here ever since, building silly boats and getting sunburnt. Tomorrow we head to La Paz, Bolivia´s capital and we plan on staying high there for at least a few days

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