Sunday, September 04, 2005

Anyone for Llama Foetus?

And for the prize for South America´s craziest city goes to.... La Paz of course. The Peace, where we are now sits at 3600 metres and assumes the title of world´s highest capital city. But llama foetuses.... what are they thinking? Well actually these Bolivianos are a superstitious lot and Llama foetuses are designed to bring you good luck in the Business arena. Apparrently 98% of the buildings in La Paz have a llama foetus buried in it´s foundations in order to protect the house and bring the inhabitants good luck. Other forward thinking superstitions include stuffing a cigarette in the mouth of a dried up frog which will bring you good fortune of course.
So if you´re down on your luck in la Paz.... the witches market where all these can be purchased is the place to go. Considering I´m about to mountain bike the world´s most dangerous road tomorrow I´ll be taking the bald furry one thanks


Anonymous said...

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Red & Linda said...

Dear Ed and Kate
Kate's Aunty Vera sends copies of your blog pages to Red (Betty Avnell, Moyne Nursing Home, Canowindra) and we just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy reading of your travels. Your trip sounds wonderful, thank you for sharing parts of your journey with us. We have a laugh and all sorts of odd conversations that we never would have had, had it not been for your news.
Red & Linda