Thursday, September 15, 2005

I fought the puma and the puma won

Yes it´s true....I have been defeated by a cat.... being a dog person I´m not too happy about the fact but credit where credit is due. Roy the puma is in fact lighter on his feet, stronger, more aggressive and better suited to sprinting down wet jungle trails than I am. So on my fourth day of minding the refuge´s alpha male puma he has managed to lead me on a run where I twisted my ligaments in my ankle and now have to retire from walking the puma. At first I was secretly glad, as all my clothes are muddy, my feet are covered in blisters, the skin on my hands has been torn apart by grabbing inopportune and rather spikey jungle branches and my nerves are a little jittery knowing that my puma may turn on me at any moment.
Actually I have been rather lucky, I hadn´t been attacked since my initiation, whereas the American guy I have been working with has been attacked twice a day, sometimes rather savagely( but then again I have always had a way with pumas). So now I am limping around the refuge awaiting to be assigned the next animal to work with. Today I spent the afternoon getting to know a couple of toucans who enjoyed pecking my feet, and then I spent the afternoon in the Monkey mirador where most of the slightly mad monkeys live. Of course I made a couple of friends and also managed to steer clear of the leader male who bit off half my American friends ear last week.( He really has had a terrible time here). So all in all the big loser is Roy...who I actually miss now the big tough sweetheart he is...because he will be missing out on walking as there arent enough volunteers at the moment.... and he was crying all day today becuase of it... so sad.... well Roy you´ll have to learn to stop attacking your volunteer friends and leading them down the jungle path so quickly. But I aint out of the jungle yet.... still 25 days to go here and looks like I´ll be assigned another puma.... albeit not as fast as Roy... but one who still likes to attack... his name is leonzio.... I can´t wait

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