Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sexy Woman

To the linguistically challenged it´s indeed called sexy woman but to those anthropologists out there suaccassyhuaman is I think how it is spelt. In the tradition of the name of these Incan ruins close to Cuzco I took two of my own sexy women on a quick visit. (well three if you include Kate of course). The two sexy ladies are our Spanish teachers and this was our last lesson, a field trip. As you can see I am an extremely tall man

The Inca´s of course didn´t muck around when it came to building blocks. In fact they were the great Lego builders of the last milennium, with some of their blocks weighing in at an amazing 300 Kilos.... thats a lot of llama muscle if you ask me. They were also very skilled in the non use of glue as all their blocks somehow fitted very nicely togethor
Sexy woman was also the site of the last great battle of the Incas.... With a good 20,000 warriors against the 70 Spaniards they almost pulled off a triumphant victory.... but almost aint good enough... guess they should have stuck to building blocks

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