Friday, August 12, 2005

"I´ll have the Alpaca stroganoff thanks"

Must admit I was tempted, but in the end I didn´t succumb to the temptation of munching on these beautiful creatures(actually I lie, I did have a bite of someone elses Alpaca steak but importantly I have not contributed to an extra Alpacas death.... In fact I think it saved my relationship in the end, Kate being a vegetarian and all)

Right behind those two gorgeous individuals lies the Colca Canyon which is in fact the world´s second deepest canyon at 3191 metres. ( the worlds deepest at 16o metres more lies just a few hundred kilometres away). We hopped on an organised 2 day tour of the Canyon which was a whole load of fun not to mention quite spectacular in scenery

We got to pay a few locals to take their picture, dip in some hot springs, do a bit of Condor watching, view a few ancient skulls, pat an Alpaca, almost eat one and drink some beer with a few people mainly Italians who we enjoyed talking to in SpanitalianOne thing I didnt do was pay this guy for the photo as this only encourages the capture of local wild life. But being a moral hippocrite I couldn´t resist the photo opportunity
and I´d like a dollar for every church I´ve taken a photo of in South America. This one happenned to be particularly beautiful
Peruvian Polizia are currently looking for the fugitive below. Any information on the wherabouts of the individual should be forwarded immediately

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