Friday, August 12, 2005

Flight of the Condor

Paul Simon tried to immortalise this amazing bird in his rip off what seems to be the Peruvian national anthem but I don´t think anyone can quite capture how beautiful it is to watch these creatures fly. The American next to me tried with perhaps the quote of the trip so far "How can anyone believe in Evolution when everything is so hand crafted... look at those houses down there for instance" In my opinion an absolute corker up there with the time when I was at the Pyramids and an American next to me remarked " These are just like the ones we have in Vegas"and in a close third comes the American looking starry eyed at the Sydney Opera House "Wow, so they built this for the Olympics did they" But back to the Condors, we don´t want talk of stupid Americans hogging up the blog. The Condor is a very large bird. Infact it can reach a height of about 5 feet and have a wingspan of about 3 metres. Condors are scavengers so basically they cruise around the skies waiting for an animal to die, once they spot one they hover for about 3 hours waiting to see if the coast is clear. Finally they descend down for a bit of neck in eye socket.

After gorging themselves with rotten flesh they are unable to fly for about 3 hours ... They can fly at about 100 km an hour and put on a daily tourist show at no extra charge. We were lucky enough to see 8 flying at once which was quite spectacular considering they´re on the endangered list. Unfortuantely they do have very ugly heads. Which is why I´d rather be a forest than a Condor...yes I would, If I only could, I surely would


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