Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Mystify me

Lima was discovered by Francisco Pizarro in the month of December, one of the great mistakes a city founder has ever made. He saw a a majestic river pouring into an ocean the perfect setting for a great new city of the Spanish Empire. Foolishly he didn´t hang around long enough to discover that betwen April to Novemeber the sun doesn´t shine at all in Lima due to the Garua, a coastal fog that blankets the city. That´s right, no sunshine for 9 months and 9 million LimeƱos are cursing that silly spaniard.
Contrary to pretty much every other traveller we´ve met, Lima is not that bad a place. It´s actually the gastronomic capital of the continent and we´ve been dining out in the top restaurants for the price of a cafe lunch in Sydney. Tomorrow we continue south to Ica the sandboarding capital of South America.

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