Thursday, October 27, 2005

The other Latin America

Listening to my blog entries over the last 6 months you could have been accused of thinking that South America was all about blockades, fried guinea pigs and women in bowler hats playing high altitude football. But you´re wrong as I have been for the last 6 months.
Somehow, whilst the rest of South America sells knitted beanies on the corner, the Argentinians have been grooving along in their trendy clothes, posh buses and ultra cool clubs. Serving up the worlds finest food( if you´re a meat eater that is), delivering you to your destination on the world´s most luxurious bus( with Bingo, chicken milanesa and more leg room than Emirates) and generally being more euro than the euros. All this with their much publicised currency crash 3 years ago... This I see no evidence of whatsoever. I do believe it´s the most modern country I have ever seen. But also cheap. Yes we´ve been drinking some of the finest wines and eating steaks the size of horse heads for about the cost of an entree back home. This is all terrific news except for the fact that we´re now in Chile and paying tokyo prices for everything. Yep, we´ve travelled more than 35 very relaxing hours on buses and made it to santiago Chile. It´s got all the prices of what Argentina should have with half the charm. Oh well. Saturday we fly to Easter Island too look at some large stone heads and then back to Argy Bargy for some serious urban cool.... can´t wait

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Rod Adler said...

G'day Ed,

I am so glad you are back in civilization. I finally can communiKATE with you again. Back in those Northern South American countries the organizers here in my dwelling got a bit uneasy about freedom of speach. Well, Rod, we do not recommend you to get involved in frequent mail with drug countries like Columbia or Bolivia. So - apologies for the long silence.

The Australia you will fly back to will not be the one you had left: We are truly becoming a banana republic. True be do not have several people claiming to have the top job as in Equador - it is still only Howard, Howard and Howard. The novelty is, that there is also no opposition from the ALP any longer. Some controversial terror laws have been proposed now and the ALP leader (Mr Beasley again for the upmteens time) has agreed to them without even knowing the final draft and without knowing whether any of the ALPs demands have been met.

It has become a routine in this country that legislative drafts are only presented at the very last day in Parliament and in public. Equador is probably much more advanced.

In the proposed anti terror law, suspects can be locked up up to 2 weeks without charge and without any juridicial oversight. So I might get a lot of inmates soon.

However once the people are released again not even their relatives can tell anyone, where there partners/kids have been during the last 2 weeks. Sanctions against that are up to 5 years imprisonment. The idea that the victims could sue the Government for that does not seem to exist either.

As usual most fellow Australians are scared to death and support the new - utterly undemocratic and anti-human rights - measures. Good night Australia.

Your friend,