Monday, October 03, 2005

Party animals

Of course, working in an animal park is not just about tramping thru the rainforest waiting to be attacked by some semi tamed beast. It´s about doing the above with a hangover because some idiot decided to organise another going away party. We´ve had a bad taste party, a pool party, an M party, a fabulous headwear party, a shabat dinner, football games, basketball, bad quality movie nights, and chinese dinners. All of which usually involve far too much cheap Bolivian 1 dollar a bottle rum. By the way prize to the biggest idiot goes to a Tasmanian guy called Scott who was last heard shouting ¨look at me I´m a puma¨ before jumping off a huge rock at 3 in the morning and breaking his ankle. Kate and I were at these events mainly to supervise that things didnt get too out of control. Being some of the elder members of the volunteer group, it´s been important to set an example of how to behave.

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