Friday, October 21, 2005

Butch Browne and the Sundance Ed

Bloody Bolivians.... in fact we´re shouting it out loud here as it´s day 5 of the blockade and still no end in sight. All the shops are shut and all that walks the streets are tumbleweeds, hungry tourists looking for an open restaurant and the odd angry mob looking for hungary tourists entering an open restaurant. The latter is no joke as the dining experience here revolves around sneaking into a place, closing the shutters and making as little noise as possible. So what does this all mean other than the fact that we´ve taken to cooking up meals in the hotel. It means the Bolivians are bloody bonkers.
Where is the army to lift the blockade?
Furthermore it seems our local blockade is just one of three going on inside Bolivia and basically crippling the country. It seems the Bolivians blockade when 1) somebody sneezes 2) they feel like it
It´s become the national sport and they seem to be very good at it. I hate them. We are only 3 hours from the border and fast running out of money ... not that there is a lot to spend on as all the shops are shut. The other blockades are about gas cannisters and the number of seats up for grabs in the next election. mmmm But on the bright side we did manage to retrace the steps of Butch and Sundance riding the red hills of Tupiza. You couldn´t get more wild west if you tried as we galloped thru passes the duke would be proud of. I´m actually getting better on a horse, and not hanging on for dear life as much anymore. I´ve even perfected the cowboy walk back into town ( probably because of the chafing on the inside of my legs). It was indeed one of tne best rides I´ve ever done and the scenery was truly evocative. Even if Kate was a little too tiny for her horse.

Unfortunately it means we´ve pretty much done everything there is to do in this 4 horse town. Except escape that is.... something we will need to do soon if we´re to catch our October 29 flight to Easter Island from Santiago which is about 2000 kms south... so in the words of Butch and Sundance..."The next time I say Lets get the hell out of Bolivia, lets get the hell out of Bolivia¨

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