Saturday, April 23, 2005

Viva la Revolution!

Quito Saturday, 2 days after El Presidente has fled the country

and all is quiet... not even a whiff of trouble in the air... We spoke to other travellers who experienced tear gas in the street of our hotel on wednesday and saw mass demonstrations, and spoke of people setting buildings on fire, but unfortunately we have seen nada. Feel like we've arrived at the end of the party with everyone telling us how exciting it was. These South Americans have certainly got this revolution thing down to a fine art. Another day, another president flees country by helicopter kind of thing.

Kate and I have been keeping a very low profile, mainly because jet lag and altitude sickness( Quito is at 2800 metres) have seen us keeping very odd hours not to mention getting us acquainted with El Bano!!!

Tomorrow we head to Otavalo, known as South America's most famous indigenous market. We plan on studying Spanish there for about 2 weeks!

hasta luego

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