Tuesday, April 19, 2005

gonna miss those kiwis aye

Sitting at Auckland airport, just before the mammoth 24 hour journey to Quito via Santiago... and time to look back at our little cousin Enzed.... funny old country really.... Kate and I have decided they're just a little too sensible. and dare I say it boring. Now this is not just some bitter Aussie talking , bemoaning the loss of some rugby game, no this is a fair dinkum honest appraisal of the country. My evidence

1) after driving for 5 hours thru the centre of the North Island we could not find one radio station that wasnt easy listening. There were hites of the 60s and seventies, hits of the seventies and eighties, hits of today which was delta Goodrem on repeat and then there was country, talkback, which they tried attempted aussie bashing( our eggcent in particular, not to mention bible talk) and not much else!!!!!!

2) one of the top rating television shows just happens to be "How Normal are you"

3) the obsession for rugby. Now I don't mind watching the odd rugby match but these guys can discuss it for breakfast lunch and tea. Moreover it's not like they're any good at the game. How long since you won a world cup? How did you go in the Tri Nations last year?

4) they dont really have a sense of humour. The national song should be "we are stoic, we are sensible and not that funny because life is too serious" I think those Scottish puritan pioneers have a lot to answer for

lets just hope they dont have spy cameras at their airports... Flights just been called,
will some up NZed by "beautiful country, not enough people, especially funny ones and if i hear another Kiwi taking off the aussie accent I'll start bowling underarm


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