Sunday, April 10, 2005

362 days

3 down and 362 to go.... days off that is. yes.... I know you're jealous and you're probably thinking that by 35 I really should have settled down and succumbed to the wife, widescreen and 1.6 kid doctrine, but alas.... I am addicted to travelling.... so when all you old folks in 30 years time drive past in the latest 3 wheel hard drive machines, spare a thought for the washed up traveller who never grew up..... eddy the overlander

The plan for the latest overland adventure is NZed then over to South America for 9 months. So stay tuned and live vicariously I say.... from the comfort of your own homes.... and avoid the delhi bellies, long bus rides, American tourists and Rio rip offs

E the O signing off

1 comment:

skyepilot said...

You go Overland Eddy!!! You go to the far far reaches of this small but amazing world & send back to us 'credit carded to the max' grown up workers with our cars & our big tellys & our daily work schedules, the truth that we know is out there but don't have time to ponder in our measley 48 hours a week of relaxation time..... You go O the E..... go and get ripped off, go and enjoy life without amenities, go and count your dollars wisely.... go and enjoy!!!