Monday, April 11, 2005

Ed En Zed

Rotorua.... what can one say about a place that smells like an Indian toilet, and threatens you with total annihlation at the same time? Rotavegas (as the comedians like to call it) is quite a place... apparently the last time a volcano exploded in this part of the world it was the largest explosion ever recorded... about 80 times as large as Mt St helens.... and considering we're sitting directly on the fault line, smack bang between the Austro asian plate and some other plate, not to mention that mud seems to jump out of every side street and steam pours out of every drain.... everyone here seems quite relaxed.... so why the hell am I freaking out? I mean i've just been told that after the tsuanami in Asia, the water levels in some of the springs in Rotorua have dropped noticeably by metres.... Yes the Tsunami 8000 miles away has effected water levels over here.... mmmmm whats wrong with these people.... why have they decided to settle down and have a nice relaxing spa on one of the world's most unpredictable and dangerous spots.... no wonder they invented the Haka.

Can't complain though.... so far the land of the long white cloud has been treating us fine. It has also coughed up a couple of surprises
1) the whole sheep thing is one huge exaggeration.... it's actually cows that are everywhere... which gives those kiwi jokes a more sinister edge
2) The New Zealanders love to take off our accent... I mean have you ever heard of more of a pot calling the kettle black
3) the kiwis like to claim as their own jaffas, Pavlova and minties! I mean everyone knows they come from the big brother across the water
4) the All blacks really should be a lot better if the size of the average bloke and the amount of idle rugby talk heard is taken into consideration

tomorrow Kate and I go Zorbing so stay tuned

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