Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kingdom of Thailand receives royal visit

4th century Thai legend has it that one day a princess baby will come from afar, across the sea,  descend from the sky, give her royal blessing and be their saviour. According to the great texts, this God in baby form will have chubby cheeks, long eyelashes and go by the name of Ivy may. 

Last week this great Thai prophecy was said to have come true. 

From the moment we arrived the people cheered , shouted her name and lauded her beauty. Businessmen were stopped in their tracks, teenage girls took her photo on their mobiles and wise old grandmothers nodded their wise old heads in approval. 

The god baby conducted herself in the most royal of ways. A slight tilt of the head to acknowledge police officials, a wave to their cheering crowds in the market, and a slight nod at the opening of a factory were all said to exhilarate the thousands who had flocked to see the royal visitor. 
Many of the onlookers were hoping to receive a royal blessing which is said to bring peace and prosperity
For many a kiss on the lips with the royal saviour will release them from all their sins in this lifetime

For us the keepers of the royal child unfortunately life wasn't so royal. We were constantly chided for the god baby being so fat. 
the God baby also decided that sleep was only a necessity for human babies and hence decided on a course of non stop thai party to celebrate her arrival on the human planet
It was after 7 days of mass celebrations that us the keepers of the Golden child decided to embark on the hugely unpopular decision to bring the golden child home early
despite mass protests from the local thai people and also the god child herself she returned to sydney unharmed and slept in one night more than she slept on the entire royal visit
We were only allowed to leave with promises that we return next year which surely after such a warm reception we will. That is if the God baby herself decides we will be allowed to

Friday, March 14, 2008

What a crawler

Before yesterday,  the only crawling she was doing was to her Grandma handing out big smiles on demand. But now Ivy is officially crawling and loving it. For other baby milestone spotters her top teeth have started growing through as well. Go Ivy go

When two tribes go to lunch

The Browne clan joined the Holmes clan to celebrate Kate's birthday 7th march and my birthday 9th of march. We went to the local Castel mola (Castle of moles) and good food was had by all. Probably my most interesting present was a bottle of absinthe....  It used to be the drink of choice amongst artists and lesbians in Gay paris in the twenties. After being banned for 80 years it seems to be back. Kate's brother in law Stephen managed to find it .... cheers for that 

Ed's Saturday shopping list

G'day mate, got a bit of an embarrassing shopping list today....

nipple shields x 2
thrush cream
anaesthetic nipple cream
heat pack for sore breast

the good news is that Kate has now pretty much recovered from her mastitis and the Thaialnd trip is all systems go from next friday. Lets hope it's a good Friday especially with a nine month old and 9 hour plane trip

Scary new computer

I have just been completely blown away by our new Apple computer, especially the new photo booth option. Hours of fun for kiddies and adults alike. Is it just me or have computers come a long way in 4 years. The series of photos on this blog were made in about 5 minutes.Now i'm sure all you readers of the future looking back on my quaint little blog won't find this so interesting but us 21st century types find it quite unbelievable. personally I still find it difficult to describe how fax technology works to a third world rice farmer. in fact I'm blown away by telephones.... as for radio my god.... and cameras.... but digitally enhanced images sent from my computer thru space to everyone in the world who cares to see with a click of a button... now that is scary
even my nephew James who was born this century fails to comprehend
it's enough to alter your view of reality

Saturday, March 08, 2008

The day of the brilliant path

Parents of geniuses often remark upon when they first discovered their child was a genius. For me it wasn't when I saw Ivy flicking through "a study of genius" in between vomits on the lounge room floor. Sure she rolled to the bookshelf selected which book took her fancy and it just so happened to be "a study of genius". (just what this book was doing on our bookshelf is a mystery but obviously it's one of Kate's pretentious college arthouse showy offy books! 
But how did I come to the realisation of Ivy's future genius abilities? 
It was when I consulted the Birthday book, a far more reliable source of finding geniuses, where each persons birthday is summarised with their personality description. Kate is the day of Abstract structure, brilliantly correct for anyone who's seen a day in the life of such a complex individual. Mine is the day of the space voyager which once again absolutely spot on target. But what about Ivy? Flicking over to the auspicious  birth date of 05/06/07 and I come across the Day of the Brilliant Path. Energetic, systematic, quick witted, obviously traits she inherits from her father, whilst anxious, chaotic and bewildered being the traits she inherited from her mother.

so how do I the space voyager balance the demands of abstract structure? Easy simply follow the teachings of the brilliant path because according the brilliant path the movement of music happens not in the notes themselves but in the silences in between.