Saturday, March 08, 2008

The day of the brilliant path

Parents of geniuses often remark upon when they first discovered their child was a genius. For me it wasn't when I saw Ivy flicking through "a study of genius" in between vomits on the lounge room floor. Sure she rolled to the bookshelf selected which book took her fancy and it just so happened to be "a study of genius". (just what this book was doing on our bookshelf is a mystery but obviously it's one of Kate's pretentious college arthouse showy offy books! 
But how did I come to the realisation of Ivy's future genius abilities? 
It was when I consulted the Birthday book, a far more reliable source of finding geniuses, where each persons birthday is summarised with their personality description. Kate is the day of Abstract structure, brilliantly correct for anyone who's seen a day in the life of such a complex individual. Mine is the day of the space voyager which once again absolutely spot on target. But what about Ivy? Flicking over to the auspicious  birth date of 05/06/07 and I come across the Day of the Brilliant Path. Energetic, systematic, quick witted, obviously traits she inherits from her father, whilst anxious, chaotic and bewildered being the traits she inherited from her mother.

so how do I the space voyager balance the demands of abstract structure? Easy simply follow the teachings of the brilliant path because according the brilliant path the movement of music happens not in the notes themselves but in the silences in between.

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