Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kingdom of Thailand receives royal visit

4th century Thai legend has it that one day a princess baby will come from afar, across the sea,  descend from the sky, give her royal blessing and be their saviour. According to the great texts, this God in baby form will have chubby cheeks, long eyelashes and go by the name of Ivy may. 

Last week this great Thai prophecy was said to have come true. 

From the moment we arrived the people cheered , shouted her name and lauded her beauty. Businessmen were stopped in their tracks, teenage girls took her photo on their mobiles and wise old grandmothers nodded their wise old heads in approval. 

The god baby conducted herself in the most royal of ways. A slight tilt of the head to acknowledge police officials, a wave to their cheering crowds in the market, and a slight nod at the opening of a factory were all said to exhilarate the thousands who had flocked to see the royal visitor. 
Many of the onlookers were hoping to receive a royal blessing which is said to bring peace and prosperity
For many a kiss on the lips with the royal saviour will release them from all their sins in this lifetime

For us the keepers of the royal child unfortunately life wasn't so royal. We were constantly chided for the god baby being so fat. 
the God baby also decided that sleep was only a necessity for human babies and hence decided on a course of non stop thai party to celebrate her arrival on the human planet
It was after 7 days of mass celebrations that us the keepers of the Golden child decided to embark on the hugely unpopular decision to bring the golden child home early
despite mass protests from the local thai people and also the god child herself she returned to sydney unharmed and slept in one night more than she slept on the entire royal visit
We were only allowed to leave with promises that we return next year which surely after such a warm reception we will. That is if the God baby herself decides we will be allowed to

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