Saturday, June 30, 2007

Your quick guide to baby poo

I know what you're thinking, how could I stoop so low and post a blog entirely on baby poo?
But hang on...

you're still reading...

admit it, you're a little fascinated...
oh well, can't say I blame you ... what with all those exciting sights, sounds and smells, not to mention consistencies

so what's it all about then, this baby poo stuff?
Surely it can't be all that bad when the only thing going in seems to be a white milky looking substance commonly known as milk? I mean the stuffs pure as the driven snow outside, I should know I've been putting it on my cornflakes. (snow that is) . But back to that poo...
The first sign that something untoward has happenned is a red face. This is followed closely by a frown, then the face gets a little redder and little baby looks like she's about to start a backstroke race only she aint going nowhere. Then what do I do asks the frantic soon to be babysitter blogreader. Well grab yourself a nappy, lift up those legs grab a wipe and well it's not that hard, you've been doing it to yourself for god knows how many years. All that really need to be addressed is the colour of those poos

Green: very common. Looks a bit like that green herbed parsly you can buy in a tube ( and comes out in a similar manner) Bubbly consistency, often confused with salad dressing sometimes found in cheap greek run Italian restaurants.

Sticky Black: or what us scientists refer to as muconium. MMM looks like vegemite, feels like vegemite, smells like vegemite and the taste? Well lets just say you need a hell of a lot of margarine
Brown and crunchy: the old peanut butter jelly. crunchy, golden brown and looks like it 'd be a treat in a satay sauce
so there you have it...poo changing in 3 paragraphs... really wasn't that bad was it?

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