Friday, June 15, 2007

Who's baby have we stolen?

Oh my god it's ours.

It seems there's been some terrible mistake.

After 7 days at RPA, we are finally home...alone... with baby. What the hell are they thinking letting us out. We're amateurs, I can't even properly look after myself let alone a little package that struggles to understand if the hands on the end of her arms are hers or not. I mean where is the instruction manual?
But seriously.... we seem to be coping. I mean it's all relative isn't it. Compared to the diggers fighting it out at the Somme, we're doing swimmingly. But who would have thought that such a tiny little thing could turn your life upside down. Ohhhh lucky she's sooooooo cute.
So Kate and I are now fully fledged members of the parents society. In case you are not a member of this elite club then frankly we no longer have time for you and can't really understand why you're being so selfish, wasting your lives away doing meaningless things.I mean we change nappies now.
So what have we learnt from being a parent I hear you ask?
Well for a start the cliche "sleep like a baby" is the the most ridculous thing I've ever heard. It frankly makes no sense at all. The people who invented this misnomer should all be taken outside and shot.
But on the up side... Being a dad does have it's advantages. As the great saint Angelina Jolie said "There's nothing sexier than a man who is a great Dad". So have I been taking Ivy May on walks up and down Norton bloulevarde, winking at the grandmas? yes! Guilty.
But I am proud I havent ordered a babycino yet.
So little Ivy May is 12 days old and doing fine. Mummy is breatfeeding really well, baby is sleeping really well -during the day- those nights are something else . So far so good.
Definitely up for visitors... we want to show the world how much more beautiful our baby is than yours

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