Saturday, June 23, 2007

The tiny tyrant

Parenthood is a breeze.... what betweeen, chats on the mobile phone, red wine at the opera bar, and listening to a band on a saturday afternoon.... we don't know what all the fuss about
Sure there are nights ( most nights) where you don't get a minute's sleep and you enter some dark groundhog day like existance rocking a pram back and forward like some demented tibetan monk, but hey we're not complaining. In fact all things considered we are going pretty well. Kate and I have opted for the baby is not going to interrupt our life too much approach. Ivy is 20 days old and already she's been to the beach (Balmoral), out for 3 posh lunches( she ordered breastmilk in a creamy sauce), an 18th birthday at the pub ( slept the whole way thru) and even a band at the opera bar while mummy and daddy drank red wine and admired the view.
Of course I realise just by writing this blog will put a curse of bad babyitis on us but tempting fate is a whole load of fun. I'm back to work on Tuesday which means Kate gets to go solo...


Maybe we should hold off on the lecture circuit for a while.

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