Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Video killed the football star

"What country you from?" asked the female customs inspector upon arrival
"Australia" replied the grinning idiot called Ed
"Australia, oh my god... right open your bags please"

and thus was our introduction to Uruguay 4 days before the world cup Football qualifier on Saturday. We´ve just arrived in montevideo and have our tickets for Saturday´s game, although this being good news is yet to be decided. For those non football fans.... to qualify for the world cup Australia plays Uruguay in a 2 game decider... one game in Montevideo and one in Sydney ( which sold out in 1 minute). It is an exact replay of the game 4 years ago where Uruguay defeated Austrlai thereby earning qualification. On that day the Australians players were spat on when they arrived at the airport, a band was sequestered to play drums outside the team hotel all night long and basically the soccerroos couldn´t have felt more welcome than if they had accidently stumbled into the trenches at Flanders.
The build up has already been fun with complete war between the Uruguay and Austrlalia soccer federations. Firstly the Uruguyans wanted more time between the two games. Soccer Australia refused... so Uruguay scheduled the game in Montevideo for 10pm so Australia would miss the Lan chile flight back for the second game hence having less time to recover. Australia managed to charter a flight.... the Uruguays flight fell thru and now Australia won´t let them change the time back.... who said Sport wasn´t politics.
So here we are in Montivideo... shouting Aussie Aussie Aussie from every street corner ( albeit in Spanish) and pretending not to have read the Australian Government travel warning about visiting Montivideo and keeping a low profile. Oh well... if you´re to go to one football match on the continent this one is it. So keep your eye out on the telly for 2 idiots clad in yellow amongst a sea of blue... we´ll be the ones the fireworks are aimed at. Luckily we talked Dan ( English) Chantel ( American) and Ezekiel( Argentinian) into joining us for the slaughter. Well barbecue actually....thats what the hotel attendent pronounced it would be when we checked in... At least those Uruguayans have a sense of humour

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