Sunday, November 27, 2005

Top Ten South American strangest moments

1) Villa Tunauri Bolivia Walking a Puma 8 hours a day seven days a week for a month in Bolivia. If it wasn´t actually attacking me it was dragging me down muddy tracks in the rainforest. Here in iguassu the park ranger said we´d be lucky to see a Puma. I beg to differ.
2) Tupiza, Bolivia. Getting blockaded for 5 days in a small town in Southern Bolivia. Having to do all our shopping before the shops shut at 9am and then sneaking into restaurants at night to avoid the angry mob that roamed the town looking for blockade breakers.
3) Tierra Santa, Buenos Aires. A religious theme park smack bang on runway 5 of the international airport. What more can I say 4) Easter Island , Chile. Attacked by a territorial hawk whilst cycling on the Island. The bird came for me three times and the final assault felt like someone slamming a phone book on my head.
5) Cadmalca, Peru Judging the local beauty contest in front of hundreds of tribally garbed Peruvians 6) Cadmalca Peru teaching the local Primary schoolchildren English in very bad Spanish 7) Galapagos Islands, Ecuador Walking around on an Island where the possibility of stepping on an Albatross or 10 was very real indeed
8) Villa Tunauri, Bolivia A spider monkey stole the book I was reading, fled to the trees and then proceeded to eat it.
9) Otavalo Ecuador going to the local fiesta with our host family and finding ourselves in the centre of town getting chased by drunk men in silly hats and fired at with tear gas by riot police 10)Ollytaytambo, Peru. Grabbed by a drunken Grandmother and forced to dance for half an hour unable to leave a very bizarre drinking den

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gian said...

Top strangest moment on a freezing cold swiss monday: go on your blog and realize you guys are still sunbathing down there!
I know... jealousy is not a honorable feeling! (Great group picture in the Salar...) Cheers!