Friday, June 03, 2005

The summit of Cotopaxi Posted by Hello


skyepilot said...

Oh Overland Eddy, your travel tales are such a refreshing sojourn from my studies as I sit here devouring the function of our main neurotransmitters...?? Your Acetylcholine must be working overtime!!!
The guinea pig healing story made me laugh... poor rodents... especially if they get disected only to hear (from GP heaven)... "Nope.. there's nothing wrong with you" ("Wasted a pig on this one")
Lucky too that dogs aren't used in these practices as Jedda got cut open last week when her stomach twisted... (very painful... & very expensive... don't try at home) but she is ok now... though she looks like a poodle casue she has been shaved in many strange places....
Keep the blogs coming.... it's a ray of eruptive volcanic delight!!
Take care honey & love to Kate.

Rod Adler said...

Hola, Kate y Ed,

hace mucho tiempo. Es un poco aburrido aqui en el prision. Bueno, pensaba que es un grande surprise para vos si escribia algunas palabras en castellano. Tengo que utilisar el tiempo y decidi que quiero hablar el castellano tambien con vos. Estoy bien, solo la vida aqui es bastante aburrido. Tengo un professor castellano y puedo trabajar en una libreria de la prision algunas horas cada dia. Algunas veces puedo usar el internet y estoy leendo todas diarios suyos.

Con carinos,