Friday, June 03, 2005

How to climb the world´s highest active volcano...

Well first you drive all the way to the top, then you get out the car and take lots of pictures... It´s quite easy really. So here I am at 4800 metres on MT Cotopaxi, not quite the top but close enough for me considering it´s due to erupt any second ( see ed versus volcano post). Today I decided to do a day tour and found myself in a 4 wheel drive with 4 other aussies. What does this mean... are we all outdoor types? Besides being bitterly cold at the top the day was a great one with the cloud clearing a number of times for us to see the summit. The highlight was passing some silly dutch man trying to cycle all the way to the top with 4 extremely large paniers hanging off the bike. What is it about adventure cyclists that makes them so loco? For me the 40 minute walk to the Glacier was enough.

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