Tuesday, June 14, 2005

La familia de religious fanaticos

Kate and I have realised that our random family choice has landed us in the company of religious fanatics. Grace is said before meal, the only dvds in the house are either charlie chaplin movies of which there are four and religious movies of which there are about 20. Every time chicas with big boobs or boys with bare bums come on the tv, our hosts immediately grab the remote control. They visit church three times a week, have religious song sessions every morning and every night and also attend a biblical college. (With the singing imagine ritualistic mourning done to karaoke tune. )They seem to be members of some strange protestant sect that has a Jewish star as their symbol and the children aren't allowed to mix with other children from the street as they may be a bad influence. Lessons are conducted at home with special teachers. Of course alcohol, and dancing are forbidden. We foreigners with our wealthy morals are of course excepted.

Other than all this they are the nicest family in the world and live a wholseome if somewhat boring existance. They seem to be very sport obsessed, which is fine with me, if a little tough for Kate. But I must admit, in a soccer game yesterday with the whole extended family it was hilarious to see katie step on the ball then fall onto the ball to a chorus of a laughs. Where was ecuadors funniest home videos then?( This show and football seem to be the only ones allowable in the house)

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