Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Sunday mass in Columbia

That´s right, if you´re gonna do sunday mass you may as well do it in Columbia for the day.
Kate, myself and our new family got in the chevrolet and headed north to the land of guns, drugs, kidnappings and as it turns out beautiful churches. The drive itself was stunning along the avenida de Volcanes, in just 2 hours we went from 2600 metres down to 1200 metres and then up to 2900, experiencing different climates and landscapes along the way. Unfortunately Montezuma had cursed Kate so she spent most of the drive cursing Montezuma. Amazingly we drove straight into Columbia without having to show our passports and drove to this amazing church built across a huge valley on a spot where the virgin supposedly appeared a few hundred years ago. Built into the rock it was absolutely stunning, and also extremely good exercise going up and down a few thousand stairs. In fact I couldn´t think of a better place to do Sunday mass. The only miracle that occurred whilst we were there was that Kate didn´t vomit over a few pilgrims. We also patted a few llamas and I have to say I have found my new favourite animal. Sorry Elephants, Im a slut I know.
After church we decided to return to Ecuador to go a cemetary. But not just any cemetary. One where Eduardo scissorhands had been in action with literally hundreds of tree sculptures wherever you looked. Afterwards we brought our family lunch at the local chifa ( Chinese Restaurant) where the customer gets the remote control as soon as they walk in. On the way home we went to a place called La Paz ( the peace) which had the world´s steepest road leading into this huge cave with the virgin strutting her stuff once again. Gotta hand it to these latinos, they find a beautiful spot and they put a virgin there.
on the way home we had ice creams, the eating of is now Ecuadors number one sport, and we returned to our home tired but very happy.....If only Spanish lessons could be as fun

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