Monday, May 30, 2005

On the Buses

Riding the buses in Ecuador, as in every third world country, has it's own little quirks. Here it is the impromptu sales demonstrations that occur for passengers. Upon leaving or entering any town, someone jumps on board and addresses the bus with quite a lengthy appraisal of the benefits of whatever product they happen to be selling. Sometimes you get a half hour lecture about the latest pharmeceutical magic pill, which will cure everything from penile discfunction to obesity, not to mention fixing that stomach bug you've been carrying around for the last few months. Other people are selling herbal tea which seems to cure pretty much the same types of things. But the funniest are the lolly merchants who also address the bus with a half hour conversation about the benefits of their 5 cent lolly. Usually the hawkers hand out a sample to everyone in the bus during their talk and once the pitch is finished they come back and collect the sample back, unless of course you have been seduced by the miracle lolly which will turn you into an irresitable sexual beast. The amazing thing is the amount of customers these guys get. Even I fell for the Mate tea sales pitch. Watch out Kate, you're tavelling with a tiger.

These salesmen and women take their jobs very seriously

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