Monday, May 09, 2005


I'm now into my third week of Spanish and have reached the stage where I can understand about half of what´s going on! This has become quite a problem because most locals assume I understand everything and proceed to speak to me muy rapido. My response is to fake, reply with lots of ¨Si Senor's¨ and generally pretend that I understand a lot more than I actually do. Mostly I get away with it by controlling the conversation, ie asking lots of questions, sometimes i get caught out by asking a question about the subject we´ve just been talking about. This makes me look dim witted, something I´m quite comfortable with actually... years of practice.
Learning Espanol has defintely been a great thing to do. We have our own private teacher 4 hours a day and that in itself is a grat way to learn about the culture. It also means that when we see locals in their sparkly indigenous outfits we can actually talk to them and ask them how much thy sold their piglet for rather than just objectifying them with our zoom lens.
Must go now, My family has gone out of their way to treat us to a local Ecuadorian delicasy. Tongue is on the menu today, and there´s no getting out of it.

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