Friday, February 10, 2012

Daddy can I marry you?

Ivy sitting on the toilet   "Daddy... how did you choose Kate?"
Daddy.... "well we met in London, got to know each other and after a while got married cause we loved each other"
Ivy" daddy I want to marry you!"
Daddy " well you can't marry me sweetie cause I'm married to Mummy"
Ivy" Daddy I'm gonna marry Dumbledore!"
Daddy "He's a bit old for you isn't he Ivy"
Ivy head in hands " I really need to find a boy"
Daddy " you have plenty of time darling, you don;t have to choose now"
Ivy " But I really want to tell you who I'll marry before you die"


Anonymous said...

I like this, Ed. Caelan recently said he doesn't like girls and wants to marry me when he grows up.

Meredith Holmes said...

Not as bad as David's comment. "when is daddy going to die? He's really old you know!" M

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