Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What's that daddy?

"What's that daddy?" asks Ivy referring to the crack in the concrete between the two giant slabs at the opera House. " That' the crack Ivy " replies daddy

"What's that Daddy?" asks Ivy referring to the metal grate on the sink that stops the food going through. "That's the plug" I reply trying to sound convincing ...

"What's that daddy?" pointing to the bulby thing on the end of a lamp..." "some kind of bulby thing on the end of a lamp"... is the best I can muster

" What's that Daddy" she asks referring to the lumpy thing on the floor in a car between the two seats
"ummmmmmm , that's the thing that separates the two seats" I offer

" What's that Daddy?"demands Ivy examining the section of the coffee table that overhangs the floor
"That's the coffee table darling"

and I thought "Why's that daddy?" was going to be the tough stage....

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