Sunday, January 03, 2010

Mermaids and sea cows

Mermaid syndrome is where previously balanced two year olds suddenly become psychotic after seeing a human with a tail (usually in cartoon form). The psychosis is characterized by an intense love for all things fishy most notably a sea creature with human characteristics, ie head and waist.
Unlike pirate syndrome, sufferers don't develop exotic "sea accents" but mainly they exhibit a need to swim on dry land, shout mantras such as "I am mermaid" at the top of their voice to passing strangers and decorate their faces with floral underwater patterns. Other psychotic episodes include shouting "I am beautiful mythological aquatic creature and you are sea cow"this is usually directed to their mother.

Although no actual physical changes occur, young mermaids are convinced they have a tail, the ability to breathe underwater and most of all woo, young handsome princes passing by on their way to save the great underwater world.

Most cases are usually curable although it is known to develop into other new age psychosis in later life ... see Byron Bay Syndrome

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