Sunday, February 10, 2008

The fat baby files

It's the time in all our lives we'd all prefer to forget. You've been scoffing down mothers milk for 8 or so months and the word exercise hasn't even been invented yet... Yet when Ivy looks back o her dads blog 20 years from now she'll be horrified to think I've done an entry entirely on how fat she is.
I'm sure in two months she'll be sprinting up the hallway but at the moment she's a little fatty with cheeks two blocks away. Yep that's right but I'm sure she'll have the last laugh when in twenty years time I'll be a fat old dad and technology has completely bypassed blogging where with one click of her fingers she can she can change her baby aspect ratio quicker than she can say keep those dad jokes coming stupid old fat dad.
Lucky she's so cute

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